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Made it to Puerto Rico

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New inspiration

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Heres some information we recieved from Charles Peterson on one of his original watercolors...the history is amazing. What an interesting artist!
I just picked this painting from my framer and was struck by the curious juxtaposition of its completion date and your inquiry about the painting your parents owned, tempting me to think I might have been clairvoyantly anticipating your email. As you see at the bottom, the date falls very close, one of the ironies of life. This schooner is of the type called topsail schooner. Named the Alvin Clark, she went down in 1864 at an island visible from our deck. She is sailing in very much the same position as the Augustus was in your painting, a section of Green Bay I have crossed in my own little sailboat innumerable times. Best regards, Charles Peterson

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Charles Peterson reply.

On a hunch, based on general characteristics I could see in your photos, I checked my earlier files and found your painting. Dated July 27, 1973, it would be among the paintings I did on my first year living full time in Ephraim, taking up full time painting after some 20 years of collegiate teaching.

The title is "Schooner Augustus", a full size watercolor (21 x 28), sold to Art Kelm in August of 1973 for $300, paid for on the installment plan by June of '74.

The painting has my early, confident vigor in style. The ship is a Great Lakes schooner sailing southward past the bluff at Ephraim and into the Strawberry Channel on Green Bay heading toward ports to the south like Sturgeon Bay or perhaps Green Bay itself. I'm not sure where I found details for the Augustus, but she looks typical of the class of commercial carriers hauling lumber and general produce in the 19th Century, and I have a vague memory that she was a Green Bay vessel. I do remember doing commissioned work about then for a Green Bay shipping company.

I don't have first hand experience with secondary market values, though a lot of my old paintings have been sold in local galleries over these last years. My guess would be something in the $3000 to $4000 range if it is in top shape.

Thank you letting me review your painting; I enjoyed it. Charles Peterson

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Painted Table and Bowl


Adding some pieces, enjoy.

This is an original Charles L Peterson watercolor painting. Painted in the 1970's. We are in the process of obtaining information on its value. Beautiful!


We lost our Daisy, Diamond and Dillon to old age. :-( The three amigos we called them. Since then we got our cute little Buddy. Hes a rascal...but fits in perfectly. Hes from the humane society and is enjoying country living!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Painted Desk and Chair

Here is a desk we found at the road side. I loved painting it!! In fact I have a problem wanting to keep all of my work. Ill be selling in the near future. I'm acquiring too many pieces!

Painted Hutch

This is one of the hutches that I painted for my sun room.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuscan Kitchen

From my best friend Sandy's kitchen.

Decorative Walls

The next nursery I will be painting is my new Grandsons!!! Can't wait Alexander!

The sky is the limit!!

In addition to painting, I have too many opportunities to take gorgeous pictures!!!

Art Is In The Air

Here is a beautiful picture I have taken right outside our door. I would love to share with you the beauty of the country and the artwork I love to paint. Please be patient as I'm just starting my blogging. I have many pictures yet to take. Enjoy the time you spend on my site. I'm hoping to inspire as well as be inspired.